Common Garage Door Repair Costs

Garage door repair costs range from $75 for a simple alignment to $350 for replacing broken parts. In a typical Surprise, AZ zip code (85335), an estimate from Angi’s database shows that the cost can be a bit higher, ranging from $161 – $388 per average garage door repair job. A homeowner in Surprise, AZ will have to deal with an above-average amount of repairs due to desert conditions such as heat and dust storms.

No matter the job, we aim to get you the best quote possible by working with the best. Give us a call or contact us today to get a free estimate on whatever is giving your garage door trouble. 

Garage Door Repair by Repair Type  

Common repairs like garage door cable replacement, misaligned track adjustments, and torsion spring replacements have specific price ranges. Panel repair costs, on the other hand, vary much more widely in price range based on the materials used. A homeowner will need to budget for both the cost of the worn or damaged parts, as well as the labor costs. Keep in mind the total cost can vary widely depending on the materials used in your home. Below you can see the average costs. 

Repair Type Average Cost 
New Parts$5 – $400
Glass Repair $100 – $200
Dent Repair$100 – $300
Remote Repair$100 – $350
Panel Repair $250 – $1,000
Opener Repair$100 – $500
Track Repair$130 -$400 
Garage Door Cable replacement $100 – $350
New Spring Replacement $350 – $600
Weatherstripping $170 – $490

Replacing Worn or Broken Cables

Replacing worn or broken garage door cables is critical for the safety and operation of your garage door. The average cost for this repair typically ranges from $150 to $350. In some cases, it can be more cost-effective to replace cables, especially if they are significantly worn or damaged.

The cost to repair garage door cables also varies depending on the material, with steel cables being more expensive to repair than aluminum or nylon. The level of damage to the cables can also impact the cost, with minor issues resulting in lower costs compared to extensive damage that requires full replacement.

Fixing Misaligned Tracks

Misaligned tracks can prevent your garage door from opening or closing properly, indicating the need for repair. The cost to fix these misaligned tracks typically ranges from $130 to $400.

Knowing this cost can assist you in budgeting appropriately if you encounter this issue with your garage door.

Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion spring replacements become critical when you notice issues such as the garage door bouncing or rapidly falling during closure. The cost for replacing residential garage door torsion springs typically ranges from $75 to $150 per spring, including labor costs. A standard double-wide garage door houses two springs. On the other hand, commercial-grade torsion springs, which endure heavier usage, might cost between $150 and $300 per spring to replace, inclusive of labor.

Furthermore, converting from extension springs to a torsion spring system might cost between $400 and $800, which includes the price of a torsion conversion kit.

Weatherstripping Replacement

Weatherstripping services not only enhance insulation and protection against weather but also lead to energy cost savings by reducing heat loss. Homeowners can inspect and replace damaged weatherstripping at the bottom of their garage doors as a manageable DIY project. However, it’s important to consider that the costs for garage door weatherstripping materials vary from $7 to $20 per foot for basic options, while premium materials can cost between $20 to $30 per foot.

Furthermore, professional installation costs for garage door weatherstripping typically range from $100 to $400, with replacement costs estimated to be between $170 and $490.

When to DIY vs. When to Hire a Pro

Look, we get it. You are quite handy around the house and a broken garage door is just another thing on your list to fix. The DIY approach might be tempting, but be aware that repairing a garage door can pose hazards due to factors like the heavy weight of doors and the high tension of springs. DIY repairs involving torsion springs carry a risk of injury if not handled properly, making it a task that should be reserved for professionals. Work with a reputable garage door company for serious repairs.

Specific tasks like cable or spring repair require specialized tools and knowledge, making them unsuitable for inexperienced individuals to attempt as DIY. Due to the high tension of a torsion spring, an inexperienced person attempting a repair may get seriously injured. Better in this case to pay for a service call fee than risk it.

Safe DIY Tasks

Even though some repairs are best left to professionals, there are a few safe DIY tasks that homeowners can perform to maintain a standard door. These tasks include:

  • Basic maintenance such as lubricating the door and checking hinges to prevent deterioration
  • Applying a silicone-based lubricant to the moving parts of a garage door
  • Cleaning the tracks to remove dirt and debris. This is a very common task for homeowners in Surprise with all the dust and dirt constantly blowing in the air. 
  • Regular cleaning and resealing of wooden doors

These are all DIY projects suitable for maintenance activities.

Regular inspections and upkeep of the garage door, including one double door type, can allow early detection and resolution of issues before they balloon into major problems.

Risks of DIY Cable Repair

Repairing garage door cables can be fraught with danger due to the potential for heavy sections to become uncontrollable and the high-pressure environment in which the garage door system operates. A broken garage door cable can result in the door becoming unusable, posing immediate safety risks and potentially being classified as an emergency.

Moreover, DIY handling of garage door components, such as lifting cables and springs, is risky because these parts are under significant tension and if mishandled, can cause serious injury. Thus, hiring professional garage door technicians for cable repairs is generally safer and more cost-effective in the long run. A service call is cheaper than a hospital bill! 

How To Save on Garage Door Repairs Without Cutting Corners

While garage door repairs can be costly, there are ways to save money without compromising the quality of service. Regular maintenance can prevent the need for some of the most common and expensive repairs, such as spring replacements or motor servicing. Annual inspections by a professional garage door technician can identify wear and tear before it turns into a bigger problem, saving money in the long run.

Additionally, choosing a garage door services provider with a good reputation can result in more reliable and quality repairs, whether you have a single or double-door garage, or even a new garage door.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of a garage door and reduce overall expenses. Performing preventive maintenance can prevent costly repairs or replacements and ensure optimal operation. Regular inspections and upkeep of the garage door can allow early detection and resolution of issues before they balloon into major problems.

Proper cleaning of the garage door using appropriate products can stave off long-term damage. Regular upkeep reduces fatigue of the door and its components, thereby decreasing the likelihood of future repairs.

Early Detection of Problems

Addressing minor issues with the garage door as soon as they are noticed can prevent these problems from escalating into more serious and costly repairs. Regular homeowner inspections can identify garage door issues early. These inspections should include:

  • Checking the door’s movement
  • Confirming it stays open or closed as needed
  • Ensuring it is level with the garage floor
  • Verifying clearance in the open position
  • Inspecting the condition of doors, cables, and rollers.

Sometimes, like when garage door cables are old or severely damaged, opting for garage door cable repair might not be as economical as replacing them, especially when dealing with a broken cable. Call or contact us today to get your tune-up or maintenance schedule and save the big bucks in the long run.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to open garage door with broken cable?

No, it is not safe to open a garage door with a broken cable as it can lead to a dangerous situation and risk serious injury. Always seek professional help to repair broken cables.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door pulley?

Replacing a garage door pulley typically costs around $102 on average, including the price of the pulley and a service call.

How much should you spend on a garage door?

The cost of a garage door depends on its size, with one-car doors ranging from $500 to $2,500, two-car doors costing $750 to $4,700, and three-car doors averaging $1,300 to $7,000. It’s essential to invest in a reliable garage door for your home, with replacement costs typically ranging from $1,500 to $6,000.

What is the cheapest way to replace a garage door?

The cheapest way to replace a garage door is by choosing a steel or aluminum option, as they are easy to maintain and can withstand different climates. Faux wood is the most expensive due to its high curb appeal and low maintenance needs.